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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And, political correctness means fewer boys in Universities...

This is a huge issue.....and there is absolutely no political party will touch this...

Classes resumed this week at colleges and universities across the country and, judging by my student lists, post-secondary education is definitely where the boys aren't.

Taking a look at my first-year courses this semester, less than a quarter of those enrolled are male. In my fourth-year classes, girls outnumber them 10 to one. Making these numbers even more startling is the fact my area, criminal justice, has historically been an overwhelmingly male-dominated field of study.

The diminishing-male-on-campus trend has been documented across North America. Thirty years ago, males accounted for more than 60 per cent of undergraduates. Today, they barely make up 40 per cent, and the gap is widening.

Why is this? The population of young people is still pretty evenly distributed along gender lines.

The best place to look is in the public-school system. Boys continue to drop out at rates much higher than girls. And among those who do finish Grade 12, an ever-increasing constituency of boys is vowing never to go near another classroom.

To put it bluntly, boys are getting shafted.


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