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Sunday, September 30, 2007

NAZI bedspreads???

Come on..this guy knows what he is doing....
India's small Jewish community is up in arms against an Indian home furnishing maker that has named its new line of bedspreads "NAZI" and used the swastika in its promotional brochure.

The furnishings dealer says the word "NAZI" stands for New Arrival Zone of India, but local Jewish leaders insisted the name rang of Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitic regime.

"We will ask him to stop this nonsense," Jonathan Solomon, head of Indian Jewish Federation told Reuters on Sunday. "We don't want Nazism to arrive in any zone in India or the world."

The NAZI-named bedspread is being sold at stores in India's financial capital Mumbai. The new product is promoted with a brochure that displays two red swastikas against a black background.

The brochure reads "Bed and Beyond presents the NAZI collection" with the expanded form of the word written in a very small font. The cover has a picture of two red cushions and a red bedspread.

"The name has nothing to do with Hitler," said the dealer, Kapil Kumar Todi, denying he had chosen the name for free publicity. "It's just an abbreviation."


Blogger DocNorm said...

Dear Friend,

Does this dealer Todi assume all Jews, and others, especially Indians, are ignorant fools? The claim that the swastika is an old Buddhist and Hindu symbol is true, yet only when placed in a squared fashion, and not in the pointed position it is being used here (according to the India Times reporter); the pointed position was specifically only used by the Nazis, and nobody else, ever, to co-opt this ancient symbol as their own. Also, if this Todi guy had no malicious intent, then why the ridiculous claim of the "innocent" coincidence of the use of the letters NAZI in the brand's if his feeble stretch of an explanation for the anagram makes any sense at all?

This insulting cruel display (yes, there are still survivors of Hitler's death camps alive today, and certainly generations of their children and grandchildren) most certainly violates the IPC laws against incitement of hatred against a specific community, and between communities. I hope this Todi jerk is prosecuted to the fullest extent of these laws.

3:06 PM  

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