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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hirsi Ali on the Dutch Government...

Shame on the Dutch government for not paying for her, she speaks about it...

The Dutch government is showing critics that they had better keep quiet by refusing to pay for her security in the US, says former MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali in an interview with Danish paper Jyllands Posten, reports the Volkskrant.

In her first interview since the Netherland said it would no longer pay for round-the-clock protection while she is abroad, Hirsi Ali says the decision was not based on money but on principles.

'It costs less to let me be protected by a US security company than a Dutch one,' the former MP is quoted as saying.

'I think the government wants to sent a message out to others in the Netherlands, that they should keep quiet. They apparently want to reassure Muslims by saying 'look, we are on your side. Hirsi Ali is a baddie, we are the goodies',' Hirsi Ali said.


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