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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is this coming to Canada???

Automatic fines for too much garbage??? This is from the UK, but I can see the garbage police coming to Canada, no?
Millions of families are to be given barcoded wheelie bins in a computerised system to spy on people's rubbish.

It will be used to send automatic £100 fines to people who put out too much refuse or break strict rules on when they leave their bins out.

The barcodes, to be brought in by a group of 27 councils, can also be used to enforce pay-as-you-throw taxes.

Binmen will carry handheld barcode readers on which they can record details of any rulebreaking by the bin's users.

At the end of their round, theywill return the scanners to a docking station which downloads the information to a central computer.

The computer can then send out tax bills or "education leaflets" and warnings to first-time rulebreakers. Those who offend several times will automatically be sent £100 fines.


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