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Monday, November 19, 2007

I think he's not Jewish enough...

Geez...don't these people have bigger things to think about?? This is from the UK...

Police chiefs will spend £15,000 creating "ethnically diverse" mascots after an officer criticised a model for being too male and white.

PCSO Steve
PCSO Steve: 'too male and white'

The uniformed mascot, known as PCSO Steve, was created by the Metropolitan Police to visit primary schools.

But one of the force's sergeants criticised the character for failing to represent the capital's communities.

He said the figure, white with blue eyes and blond hair, risks leaving Asian and women officers "isolated".

The comments sparked a row with some claiming the criticism was taking political correctness too far.

However, senior officers said they would invest £15,000 in the design and production of three new characters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get one of those gray alien dummies and dress it up instead. I think the aliens are probably in charge anyways.
(real conservative)

2:52 AM  

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