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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Don't bring a steak knife to cut your sandwich....

Couldn't the teachers see that she was not a threat???
The State Attorney's Office has decided not to prosecute a 10-year-old girl who brought a steak knife to school to cut her lunch. After a review of the child's school record, prosecutors determined charges should be dropped, Assistant State Attorney Ric Ridgway said today.

Teachers saw the child using a 4 1/2 inch kitchen knife to cut her steak at lunch on Dec. 13. They notified the Marion County Sheriff's Office and she was arrested on a felony weapons charge. She was also suspended from school for three days.

Investigators with the Department of Juvenile Justice then interviewed the child and looked at her clean school and behavioral record. They recommended that charges should be dropped and the State Attorney's Office agreed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, good Lord.

3:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Political correctness is a mental disease. What if the kid didn't have the knife and choked on her lunch. Sue them.
(real conservative)

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

General comment:
The people who run public education systems are all, invariably and without any exceptions whatsoever, morons.
Specific comment:
In the story about the drunk looking for his car keys, he looks under the street lamp (where he KNOWS they are not) because "the light is better"
Anti-terrorism efforts, in the main, pick on the innocent non-criminal because "the light is better" i.e.: they, not being criminals, have nothing to hide and do not resist when the authorities torture them to make themselves feel useful and productive.
Same kind of thing happens in airports, and in the family "protective services" bureaucracies.

11:32 AM  

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