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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Here we go again....

If there was so much discrimination, then why was she hired???

A Muslim woman has filed a human-rights complaint claiming that she was fired from a telemarketing company because of her religion.

Chantal Hamel is a devout Muslim who wears a hijab and cannot shake hands or have any physical contact with any man who is not a family member. She can have physical contact with women.

According to Hamel's complaint, after she was hired as a telemarketer for RSVP Customer Care Centres, she declined to shake hands with male co-workers and superiors.

Shortly thereafter, Hamel met with a supervisor about her beliefs and restrictions.

Hamel stated that once she began working, she thought she was doing a good job. But she said that during her fifth day on the job, she met with a supervisor who told her she wasn't doing a good job and sent her home.

The next day, she said, a different supervisor pulled her aside and fired her.

Hamel believes she was fired because of her religious beliefs. RSVP says she wasn't.

The company said Hamel worked 31 hours but made only five sales, less than half the minimum requirement for the period.

The manager who terminated Hamel said in a written statement that she had poor sales performance and was reluctant to "rebut" customers; she was not aggressive enough. He noted the 200 people working at the call centre represent many races and cultures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am torn on this one. I doubt there was any discrimination but I really hate getting those calls from aggressive telemarketers.
Where is our no call list?

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note to self… don’t hire muslims. Even if they are incompetent, you can’t fire them because they will blame it on racism. Not worth the trouble.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like she was fired because she was too polite with her customers. A 'cultural' thing? Probably. But a pretty sad reflection of the telemarketing business, nevertheless.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Too timid to sell anything by phone.

Not too timid to launch a human rights complaint.

I smell a political agenda, a "test case", a "see how far you can push the system" situation...

They have these in England all the time.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


So true ,I worked at a place that was forced to hire people because of Bob Rae's Quota system and the Fines of $50'000.00 for each failure to hired the targeted groups .
One young male was a irratating abrasive loud mouth that cried racism at every corner , he threatened people with his rants about running the the HRC and reporting them to the HR dept to be Fired just because of a perceived racism which now looks like a paranoia issue by this kid.
Then the company had a casual friday for a local Charity and low and behold this punk comes in wearing a T-shirt that promoted Islam as being the only true religion and that it was based on peace , yes folks, this was the same idiot that tried to have people fired and taken to the HRC for only having an Opinion that offended him and yet he wanted the Power to silence others while he pushes islam in the workplace.

Basically , after far too many bouts of hearing his bitching and whining along with promoting islam on the job , the Company switched to a automated system for those jobs and later on out-sourced the operation since it wasn't worth the crap and BS that this Muslim punk caused by his psychological hostile working condition where everyone feared being sued or fired just to applease the Muslim whiner who used the HRC to silence non-Muslims and do Financial Jihad to bankrupt people into submission.

It's no shock for me to read about more and more Union jobs being axed and sent off-shore to nations that don't have our HRC problem or Union problem for the 1 Muslim that wants special treatment and yet still runs to the HRc or Sues the Company that helped them pay bills and buy a house.

I'm now working on being self-employed and using the Internet to promote my business which is based on Intellectual Property that I sell to existing Corporations outside of canada while I collect a Licenses fee or monthly income by merely using the new Corporate-Rental clause where I sign over a short term Ownership for my Inventions so the Company can Offer Stock Shares to raise the money for re-tooling and production issues.

I saw all the BS on the and websites for the endless rules and harmful restrictions for me to run a Business without some idiot trying to disrupt the workplace and put me out of business.

I still remember how that 1 bitter angry bigot Muslim male cause so much trouble that the Company automated and put about 30 canadians out of work even after some of them had 15+ years prior to this idiot being hired.
In fact it was really sad that he forced the Company to put a Workers-Rights document on every area that departments had a wall so evryone could read it , I read the part about Tolerance and respect for others and had to laugh because it was that mouthy punk that spewed his tripe about islam and then used the HRC to silence people or get them fired , too bad that the really nice people I new lost their income and lively hood at the same time as he did because they should have just fired him and kept the productive employees.

I'm from Toronto and if my business in the ECO/Handicapped friendly products catches on I will hire friends that i know are good workers , and I may re-locate to a less Muslim city so i don't hear the crap by the whiner that pretended to be mature to be hire by me and then turn around a Sue me like Maher Arar did to canadians after we gave a refuge here from having to flee Syria.

I had my fill of Unions 33 years ago when I saw the pathetic work ethics and entitlement attitude for a salary while they mocked the Company they were employed by , plus 3 workers sat on their butts just because a box was crooked and stopped the conveyor belt which I had to un-jam 10 minute later when my belt stopped from the electric-eyes being tripped as everything backed up.
There is no team effort and the CAW will be dead in about 10 years because they are sucking the Companies dry with strikes and still want higher wages with less hours and more benefits and holidays , you'd think they were working at canada Post or somethin where taxpayers fund building the cars and they can just increase prices at will.

1:53 PM  

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