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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Violent anti-semitic attach in Paris last Saturday....

Very scary...
Raymond. A, a 17-year-old Jewish man, who wears a skullcap, was waiting on Shabbat for someone to open the door of the building where he lives, on the rue Albert Camus, when around twenty young people described as being of North African and Black origin attacked him violently at the face and the body after pronouncing his name.

One of the aggressors, Raymond reported, was a red-haired man who did not cease swearing on the Koran while beating his victim.

Raymond was saved by a Jewish neighbor who went out from his home at the same time.

“He saved my life,” the young man said.

A witness called police which arrived quickly on the spot and tried in vain to chase the aggressors.

Raymond was brought in shock to the hospital with wounds at the face and several bruises on the body.


Anonymous Charles said...

This terrible attck should be at the top of the news, but it isn't.

I believe there are certain groups of groups of people who don't have any intentions of becoming Canadian when they arrive here, and seem to carry out there foreign wars and arguments with impunity under the protection of the Canadian government. Too bad most people see the problem but the government keeps their head in the sand.

The theme always goes like this: "Topping tonights news, Those filthy Jew dogs have attacked a sleepy town in peaceful Palistine,blah, blah, blah, and in other unrelated news that same peaceful Palistinian town was carrying out a rocket attack just before the Filthy Jew dogs attacked".

What a world we live in!

I know Toronto isn't the greatest place in the world, but at least you can be Jewish and still live your life normally. Why are Jews still living in Montreal when they are treated so poorly?

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Charles said...

Sorry;I wrote my comment with Canada in mind instead of France because I run a small motel that caters to Kosher cheese factory workers from Toronto and Montreal. I tend to hear horror stories about how Quebec Jews are treated but very few from my Toronto guests.
I know it happens in T.O. as well but it seems less frequent.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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