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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

And, now a tax on fertilizer?

Greenpeace would like to tax the way you live...period.
Greenpeace is calling for a tax on fertilizer as a way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions it says are caused by agriculture.

The environmental group has issued a report entitled Cool Farming, which claims fertilizer overuse is greatest cause of agriculture's greenhouse gas emissions, equal to some 2.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Greenpeace agricultural campaigner Josh Brandon says the "impact of industrial farming on climate change has reached a critical threshold."

He says "we can only go on so long sucking the life out the soil and releasing waste into the air, oceans and rivers before we permanently degrade the capacity of these ecosystems to sustain us."

Brandon adds that if Prime Minister Stephen Harper is sincere in combating climate change, an essential first step is a tax on fertilizers.

This must be followed, says Brandon, by tougher regulations on pesticides and money to promote local and organic agriculture in Canada.
If we all go organic - we'll starve. We need intensive agriculture.


Blogger hunter said...

To be classified as organic, your land must not have had any chemicals for 7 years, and if your neighbour sprays their land, and it drifts over to yours, it's another 7 years.

Econuts are getting out of hand, but they are too stupid to know it. People have changed the channel, they aren't listening anymore.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

One solution to global warming. The next time some academic comes up with the solution to a none existing problem - FIRE HIM - then take away his pension.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First it was the bovine farts, so no beef. Now this.

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this is what Greenpeacers want then I think they should all give up eating first.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taxes - great idea! Let's get rid of 'official charities' and their tax breaks. If ordinary people really want to support some organization or other like Greenpeace - they can do so with their own money. They have no right to mine, I have to pay more tax to make up for their shortfall, that is blatantly wrong since I do not agree with many of these 'charities'.

1:55 AM  

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