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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Editor gets three years for publishing the Mohammed cartoons....

This terrific news is from Belarus...
Europe's largest security organization lodged a protest Friday with authorities in Belarus, where a newspaper editor was ordered jailed for three years for reprinting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that originally were published in Denmark.

Miklos Haraszti, media freedom representative for the Vienna-based Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, urged officials in the ex-Soviet republic to release Alexander Zdvizhkov, the former deputy editor of the Zhoda newspaper.

Haraszti called the sentence to a high-security prison excessive and accused Belarus of misusing hate speech laws.

The verdict was announced Friday, the OSCE said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Islamofascist-Dhimmi Axis Assault on Free Speech

Muslims Against Sharia strongly denounce President Lukashenko and his KGB thugs for imprisoning Alexander Sdvizhkov. While most of the former Soviet Republics are embracing Democracy and Reform, Belarus continues to enforce fascist rules of communist era. Muslims Against Sharia demand immediate release of Alexander Sdvizhkov and reinstatement of "Zgoda" newspaper.

Mr. Sdvizhkov is convicted for incitement of religious and national hatred. We already know that Islamophobia or even mere criticism of Islam is racism, because Islam is a race. And thanks to the Dhimmis from Belarus, now we've learned that Islam is also a nationality. We should expect Islam to be declared a gender any day now.

Alexander Sdvizhkov is not alone. The latest casualties of Islamofascist-Dhimmi Axis Assault on Free Speech include Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, Fouad al-Farhan, Joe Kaufman, Paul Ray, Michael Savage, Mark Steyn, TomaShot, Andrew Whitehead, and many others. Are you going to be next?

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is interesting about hate laws is that one guy can be a holocaust denyer and be jailed and annother guy diss Mohammed and be jailed. Both sides think the other is wrong? Guess it depends on your own personal agenda as to what is hate and an assult of free speech. (real conservative)

6:24 PM  

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