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Friday, January 18, 2008

Islamic divorce laws coming to the EU???

Yes..they may be unwittingly bringing in sharia law..this article is from the Financial Times...
Proposals to simplify divorce in the European Union are running into opposition from governments fearful that the initiative may oblige their courts to enforce foreign laws that clash with their tolerant social norms.

Sweden is leading the charge against a European Commission plan to make it easier for couples of different nationality, and couples who live outside their native country, to divorce each other.

As one of the world’s most liberal-minded countries, Sweden is hardly opposed to more humane and efficient divorce procedures.

Rather, the main Swedish objection is that the Commission’s proposal, first unveiled in July 2006, would in many cases result in the application of divorce laws from the country in which the couple had their most recent residence.

In EU states with Muslim immigrant populations – including Sweden, with its Iranian, Iraqi and Pakistani communities – this would mean the enforcement of Islamic divorce laws.


Anonymous faizan said...

assalamu alaikum(peace be upon you) to my brothers and sisters in islam and to the disbelievers, yosliho baalakum.

It would be good if Islamic laws came to the EU, and a very wise move by the government. Hopefully they will inhaa allah(if Allah wills).

And how do they know for sure that some will clash with their "tolerant social norms'? Do they think all foreign laws are not humane nor efficient? Certainly Islamic laws would be much better for their country than what they have currently.

So how is Sweden a very liberal-minded country, if they reject them, even though they do not apply for everyone?

Besides they don't have to be forced, just an option.

It is lying to be certain that Sweden is so tolerant and lying is wrong.

4:21 AM  

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