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Monday, January 21, 2008

Fuel crisis in Gaza???

A revealing comment from a PA official...
Defense officials, however, dismissed Palestinian claims of a complete blackout in Gaza, saying that 70 percent of the electricity Israel supplied to Gaza was still flowing into the Palestinian territory.

"The claim that there is a complete blackout in Gaza is a spin," an official said, adding that the Palestinians had had enough fuel for the electrical plant to last at least a week before Barak's decision to shut down the crossings on Thursday night.

Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah expressed hope that the looming humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip would prompt Palestinians to turn against the Hamas government.

"We hope the residents of the Gaza Strip will now realize that Hamas has only brought disaster upon them," a senior PA official told The Jerusalem Post. "The only way to resolve the crisis is by getting rid of Hamas."

Another PA official said Hamas was also responsible for the fuel shortage. "Hamas has been stealing much of the fuel coming into the Gaza Strip," he charged. "They have enough fuel to fill their cars and keep the homes of their leaders heated."


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