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Friday, February 15, 2008

How about this for a cut in emissions???

These targets are totally ridiculous...
Japan, the European Union and the United States would each need to cut greenhouse gasses by more than 80 percent for the world to meet a goal of halving emissions by 2050, Japanese scientists said Thursday.

A summit last year of the Group of Eight rich nations agreed to "seriously consider" halving global emissions by 2050 in hopes of halting global warming.

To achieve such a goal, Japan -- which is already far behind in meeting its current commitments -- would need to cut emissions by 85 percent by 2050 from 1990 levels, said Norichika Kanie, assistant professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

His joint research with Yasuaki Hijioka, researcher at the National Institute of Environmental Studies, found that the United States would need to cut emissions by 88 percent and the European Union by 83 percent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reality of Kyoto

All units in MT’s unless otherwise indicated.

Canada’s 1990 GhG emissions 473, 310
Canada’s required Kyoto emissions cut (6%) 28, 399
Canada’s Kyoto 1 Target emissions level 444, 912

Canada’s 2005 emissions level (last available year)

729, 710 - 54.17% above the 1990 base year

As of 2005 Canada’s emissions OVER target by 284, 799

Annual cost, as of end 2005 , of Mr. Dion’s non carbon tax, at $30/tonne

$8, 543, 957,046

Estimated level of Canada’s emissions for the end of 2007

763 897 or 61.39 % above the 1990 base year

As of 2007, Canada’s emissions OVER target by 318 985 or 61.39% above the 1990 base year

Annual cost, as of the end of 2007 of Mr. Dion’s non carbon tax, at $30/tonne $9, 569, 556, 874

To put the challenge Canada faces into perspective – if Canada was to eliminate emissions from every car, truck, train, plane, tractor and ship from our annual GhG emissions, we would achieve only 69.4% of our required emissions cut
for 2005

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