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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why I like the Harper government....

I don't consider this a move to support Israel..but a move towards rationality...
A United Nations panel voted overwhelmingly this month to condemn Israel for a recent armed incursion in the Gaza Strip that claimed more than 120 lives, many of them civilian.

Thirty-three member countries of the 47-seat UN Human Rights Council endorsed the resolution, which accused Israel of war crimes in its ongoing battles against Palestinian militants in Gaza.

Those in favour of censuring the Jewish state included China, India and Russia. Thirteen countries abstained, among them seven European governments.

But one nation stood alone against the denunciation of Israel, and that country was not the United States – Israel's leading foreign supporter – or even Israel itself, for neither country has a seat on the human rights body.

Instead, the lone dissenter was Canada.

"We're very happy that we see things in a similar way," Carmela Shamir, deputy director of the North America division at Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in an interview last week.

"Canada has adopted several times in recent months very brave positions."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canada has a foreign policy and principles to back it up again, it's been a long time.

The United Nations desperately wants to continue the war against Israel, it is becoming their only reason for existence.

11:34 AM  
Blogger Pat said...

The sooner we recognize that the UN is an anti-Western Democracies, hate filled sucking sound that we should not even be close to, much less belong to, the better.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Ron said...

While nobody in the media, or even in any of the parties will or can say it (for Politically Correct reasons), I think a significant reason (not the only one) the Conservatives have difficulty breaking into urban ridings is because of issues like this; they will stand on principals and not be cowed by the likes of the anti-Israili factions in the UN. However, our inner cities are becoming more and more like the UN with the increase of multi-ethinic immigration and because of that, more and more are from regions and mind-sets that are anti-Jewish and anti-American and are more comfortable supporting Liberals because they feel more at home in that party.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Harper and the CPC are hypocrites as they view only Israel has the right for it's war against the Islamist.
Harper just kissed the terrorist Albanian ass.
Orthodox Christians and the Serbs have been served up as the sacrificial lamb for the Muslims.
Get ready folks -WWIII has just been proclaimed

8:00 PM  

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