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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gee, they even object to repairs on the wailing wall....

Of course, they deny any Jewish ties to the Wailing Wall...
The top Muslim cleric in Jerusalem, Mohammed Hussein, on Tuesday said he would object to Israel carrying out repair work on the Western Wall.

Hussein said that the wall is a part of the attached Al Aksa mosque, warning that any Israeli action there would be seen as aggression.


Blogger said...

The reasons for this objection are not truly stated but need to be. Under Islamic or Sharia law, no non Muslim place of worship may be repaired or rebuilt after being damaged by a Muslim or any other cause of damage. As Muslims view the middle east as Dar al Islam or the world of Islam, no non Muslim place of worship may be repaired or built. Koran is very clear on that point.
This is more likely the rationale behind the prohibition on repairs to the wall.

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