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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Global Warning Stickers????

Coming from California....soon people will have a global warming score...
Leave it to California to come up with this one. Beginning next year, new cars in California will be required to carry a new sticker on them showing their "Global Warming Score."

This number on a 1 through 10 scale will appear next to the "Smog Score" that vehicles there already have. In essence, the higher the score, the more "earth friendly" the car. The score takes into account the emissions of greenhouse gases from the vehicle's operation in comparison to all other vehicles of that given model year.

So those buying a Toyota Prius will be able to point to their higher "Global Warming Score" and stick their nose up in the air with the satisfaction they are so much more environmentally aware than everyone else. Meanwhile, those buying that new Hummer H2 will now have a sticker and number to show how they are killing the planet one tank of gas at a time while they drive over those little Prius owners. The sticker even reminds car buyers, "Protect the environment, choose vehicles with higher scores."


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