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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don't give in to PETA

Why on earth are they even talking with PETA???
Military chiefs are to meet with an animal rights group on Tuesday to discuss alternatives to the traditional bearskin hats famously worn by the guards at Buckingham Palace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a registered trapper,hunter and donating conservationist( ducks unlimited) I just have to shake my head at the loonie PETA antics. Black bear are not endangered. If these "city kids" had spent any time in the outdoors they would know that our wilderness areas< particulary B.C.'s north have a very healthy population of black bear. Anywhere that is logged has particulary strong populations on account of the berry groth in the years following clear cut logging populations, in fact the population in these areas in particular explodes in the 3 to 5 years after logging and then as the trees get above six feet again the berry crop declines sharply. This results in the bears competing for available forage. The biggest predator of young black bear is other bigger black bear.If the surplus particulary in these areas is taken no harm is done and the population as a whole stays healthy.My observations have come from over 25 years of observation of the rocky mountain trench area north of Prince George B C
cheers Bubba

2:52 PM  
Anonymous jckirlan said...

Another demonstration that Liberalism is a mental disorder. They will have us living in caves and using mud plaster for medicine if we let these troglodytes win.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

They're talking to PETA because PETA essentially has an open microphone in the British media, and with the government being ultra modern-liberal it does not want to appear to be at all "anti-animal". PETA has much greater traction and respect in Europe than in North America, where they are still understood to be a crowd of unhinged animals rights kooks, and rightly so.

7:37 AM  

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