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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are the Islamists taking over the NDP???

David B. Harris is a Canadian lawyer, Director of INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc's International and Terrorist Intelligence Program, and former Chief of Strategic Planning of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).
But it was Pakistan-born pro-Palestinian socialist author, Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, who put a discernible chill through the assembly. A former senior official and candidate of the New Democratic Party (NDP), he declared that the NDP was the target of an Islamist takeover bid. This campaign was having success, he warned, and risked suborning the federalist party with the third largest number of seats in Canada's House of Commons.

Fatah highlighted the case of Dr. Samira Laouni, the NDP's veiled Moroccan-Canadian fundamentalist candidate for the Montreal constituency of Bourassa. A Canadian Islamic Congress Quebec operative, she had recently organized a visit to the city by British Taliban-apologist Yvonne Ridley. That event caused upset in Quebec, especially when it emerged that the federal NDP's Quebec "lieutenant," Thomas Mulcair, had rolled into the hardcore CIC session, yet continued to support Laouni despite her outlook. And all this came on top of the resignation of Laouni's Muslim campaign manager, when he was fixed with authorship of a published poem that contrasted the purity of veiled Muslim women with – as journalist Barbara Kay captured it – his idea of non-Muslim Quebec women as "promiscuous drunks."

But, according to Fatah, all this was only part of his concern about his former party. The 17-year veteran of the NDP, looked back with dismay on the Party's apparent unraveling by radicalism, and took careful aim:

"But slowly, I saw the Party open its doors to Islamists – first under [former NDP leader] Alexa McDonough, when supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah managed to join her personal legislative staff; and later, under [current leader] Jack Layton, when the doors were flung open. One Hezbollah supporter even managed to become the Ontario NDP's vice president."

Fatah claimed that "in the last NDP leadership campaign, I was witness to an attempt by a group of wealthy Islamists, to back one Member of Parliament for the leadership, with the stated objective of controlling the Party." He spoke of "six or seven" business people "who were advised that, of all the parties in Canada, the NDP was the easiest to take over and make to serve the Islamist agenda."

Fatah asserts that he "was present when this meeting took place," and would be prepared to "point out the people" who raised about $100,000 for the Islamist leadership campaign. The author of Chasing a Mirage and now a supporter of the Liberal Party, said he "informed Jack Layton of the scheme" including the radicals' attempts to portray Layton as "pro-Israel."

"But," Fatah added, "by 2006, I had come to the conclusion that the Party was up for grabs, and noticed a countrywide recruitment in the NDP by pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah activists," and withdrew from the NDP. "Today, the NDP is running Islamist candidates and its discourse is dominated by support of terror suspects in the guise of a defense of human rights."

Fatah expressed particular concern about certain Muslim NDP candidates' waging of a "relentless campaign to portray Canada as essentially anti-Muslim, and to instill a sense of forced victimhood among Muslim youth." He took to task one such candidate – a lawyer – for reportedly proclaiming that the judge who recently convicted the first of the alleged "Toronto 18" terrorists, did so because of anti-Muslim bias.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Samira Laouni wears a hijab, not a veil.

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess Tarek is alluding to El-Farouk Khaki as the one who talked about a anti-Muslim bias in the courts.

Khaki is an extremely bad example of an evil scary "Islamist" since he is a thoroughly out gay man who has worked hard on progressive Islam iniatives i.e. Founding of a queer Muslim support group and women leading prayers in mosques.

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The NDP are an easy mark for a more professional class of 'victims' of the big bad white man of the West. Fascists like them deserve each other though.

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To cut Islam to size, you need to attack the gutter and reactionary doctrine of Islam. Forget about Muslims and their beliefs. They are duped - but there is nothing to be done here.

Attack the barbarian anti-science, anti-empiricism, anti enlightenment ideology of Islam, criticize it, and attack its pedophile mass murdering founder Prophet Mohammad and expose the atrocities he committed in his life, and how the Islamists want to impose douchebag Mohammad's ideology on their children and our children.

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This explains whay Linda mcQuaig, and NDP apologist, jumps all over Israel whenver israel launches an offensice after years of serious provocation. it expalins why Sid Ryan is out on the street supporting pro Hamas or Hezbollah factions. it explains why the left leaning newspaper, the Toronto Star, with it's numerous socialist supporters, consistently attack the right, the US, and Israel.

12:04 AM  

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