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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Iran unveils (no pun intended) women-only car....

Will it come with an automatic veiling system???
Iran has announced it intends to manufacture a car designed especially for women, the British newspaper The Guardian reported on Tuesday.

The car will be equipped with accessories that in male-dominated Iran are considered feminine, like an automatic gearbox, parking aid devices, a satellite navigation system and an easy-to-use jack.

The car will be available in soft and "feminine" colors, and its interior design will be compatible with women's taste. It will also be equipped with an audiovisual system for children. Iran Khodro, the manufacturer said the first model will be released next June, ahead of the Iranian women's day.

A company executive said the decision to launch the model was a result of the growing number of female drivers in the country, and was based on a study that researched their needs and preferences.

He said that women's needs are different from men's, and that the most important thing for them is that the car will be comfortable and easy to use.

Last year, Iran's Islamic authorities passed a bill promoting the production of a bicycle especially designed for women, that will conceal the rider's legs and upper body. Iranian women are advised to refrain from cycling, in order to preserve their modesty, and are banned from riding motorcycles, except as passengers.

A woman-only taxi service is operating in major Iranian cities, and male and female passengers are segregated on buses and the Tehran underground system.


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