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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is Hamas once again staging blackout????

Gee, they're getting good at this....
Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah accused Hamas on Tuesday of staging the latest blackouts in the Gaza Strip in a bid to win sympathy and incite the Palestinian public against Israel and the PA.

The officials said that contrary to Hamas's claim, there is no shortage of basic goods, medicine and fuel in the Gaza Strip, largely thanks to the many underground tunnels along the border with Egypt.

This is not the first time that Palestinians have accused Hamas of staging Gaza blackouts under the pretext that Israel had cut off fuel supplies to the district's power grid.

Earlier this year, Palestinian journalists in Gaza City told The Jerusalem Post that scenes of Palestinian children and women holding lit candles in the dark had been staged by Hamas and some Arab satellite TV stations.


Blogger Myackie said...

see todays Elder of Ziyon...he makes an interesting comment about thousands of chickens being euthanized because there is no fuel to keep them warm. So why didn't they feed them to "starving" gazans?

But the world...guilt-ridden over the Holocaust, want so so so much to believe that the JOOOOOS are just as bad...thus, they believe any bullshit that arabs tell them.

10:09 AM  

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