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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Global warming hits the prairies...

Gee, think how cold it would be if not for global warming.....
A deep freeze set in across Western Canada this weekend, as wind chill warnings continued into Sunday for parts of eastern British Columbia all the way over to Manitoba.

A ridge of high pressure travelling southeast across the Prairies that is carrying "bitterly cold Arctic air" is responsible for the temperature drop, according to an official weather warning on Environment Canada's website.

The statement warns of extreme wind chills of -40 C to -45 C or colder across much of southern Manitoba for Sunday and Monday.

A storm system from the Midwestern United States will combine with the Arctic air to whip up strong winds that may gust up to 60 kilometres per hour.

Blowing snow is also expected to make driving difficult in the region.

In Saskatchewan, wind chill warnings are in effect for Meadow Lake right down to the U.S. border, calling for temperatures ranging from -30C to -45 C or colder.

In eastern and central Alberta, wind chills are expected to hit between -40 C and -45 C.

According to Environment Canada, normal temperatures in central Alberta for this time of year are about -1 C.

And in eastern British Columbia, wind chills of -35 C are forecast for regions such as East Kootenay and Yoho Park, while wind chills of -40 C are predicted for Chilcotin and Peace River.


Blogger Alberta Girl said...

Minus 38 before any wind chill this morning in eastern Alberta. Thank God we have Global Warming or we would really be cold!!

1:54 PM  
Blogger Platty said...

Yup, there's so much global warming going on here in
central Saskatchewan that I had to shut down our job sites. We won't be able to work outside until Wed. or Thursday at the earliest.

So, yeah, as Alberta Girl says...

"Thank God we have global warming"!!!


2:07 PM  
Blogger hernadi-key said...

information for you..
European leaders clash over pledges on global warming !!!

European leaders gather in Brussels today for a crunch summit, acutely divided over how to deliver on pledges to combat global warming almost two years after declaring they would show the rest of the world how to tackle climate change.

The EU is split between the poorer east and the wealthy west. Germany says that most of their industries need not pay to pollute, Italy says it cannot afford the ambitious scheme, and Britain says that the package on the table could result in huge windfall profits for companies.

"There is a very big chasm between the various parties," said a senior European diplomat.

Prime ministers and presidents appear to be getting cold feet over key decisions that need to be taken by the weekend to enact laws that will make the climate change package binding for 27 countries....


do you want to my blog friends ??

2:22 PM  

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