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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here's one person the Canadian government should help....

Could you imagine the nerve? He had the gall to visit Israel not once, but twice...
A well-known Iranian-Canadian blogger who made trips to Israel in the past has been detained in Iran only weeks after he returned to his homeland, according to a family friend.

Hossein Derakhshan, who lived in Canada and helped ignite the blog boom in Iran in 2001 by posting simple instructions on how to create sites in Farsi, was arrested on Nov. 1 by six agents who came to his home in Teheran, said Nazli Kamvari, a fellow blogger who lives in Toronto. He has been held at an undisclosed location ever since, she said.

Derakhshan has disappeared since that time, but Iranian authorities have not confirmed his arrest. Kamvari said she has been in contact with his family, who gave her permission to announce his detention because the brief calls they were allowed with Derakhshan in custody had stopped about two weeks ago.

"Multiple attempts to find out where he is being held and what his charges are have failed," Kamvari told The Associated Press by phone from Toronto.

Canada's Foreign Ministry says it has asked Iranian authorities whether Derakhshan, who returned to live in Iran in October, was arrested but has not received an answer, Canada's The Globe and Mail reported earlier this week.

Derakhshan traveled to Israel twice, in 2006 and early 2007, saying he wanted to break the taboo on contacts with Israel and show Israelis a different face of Iran. During his trips, he conducted interviews with Israeli media and spoke at a university. Under Iranian law, it is illegal to travel to Israel.
It's unfortunate that he chose to support Ahmadinejad lately....


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