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Monday, January 26, 2009

Falsely accusing someone of rape should be a crime....

That actually gets punished...this is from the UK...
A BBC personality has shattered her ex-boyfriend's life by falsely accusing him of rape.

The woman, who has broadcast to television audiences of millions, accused him of raping her 40 times throughout their two-and-a-half-year relationship.

He was arrested, held in a police cell and handcuffed as police searched his flat for evidence of his crime. But she retracted her allegation weeks later, and the officer investigating the claims described them as 'inconsistent' and 'not credible'.

Despite the lack of evidence, the incident remains on the Police National Computer thanks to a legal loophole, which campaigners say is blighting the lives of falsely accused men.

Even if the 'victim' withdraws their allegation, it will show up under enhanced Criminal Records Bureau checks that are undertaken regularly on people who apply for jobs with employers such as the NHS or schools. It will also prevent them from travelling to the United States.

The boyfriend cannot be identified to protect his accuser's anonymity, but wants to make his case public.

He said: 'The lies she told have ruined my life. Yet, while I have lost out on jobs and been left paranoid and scared of women, she has got away without punishment. We're not even allowed to reveal her identity. Rape is a horrific crime, and there is no way I am capable of committing it.

'I don't care how successful she is, she should be sent to prison. Of course, the BBC doesn't know what she has done. But if they were to find out I would like to think they'd sack her.'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My ex partner has accused me of attempting to rape her, because I was foolish enough to challenge her for custody of our son. She drank heavy after we split up. Problem is the police believe every word she says. There is NO EVIDENCE that I did anything wrong only her statement. It's been a year now and I will be in trail in a matter of weeks. Really hate the system here in the UK, It allows a woman to be so bitter and hate full because a relationship ended??

I have no idea how my story will end. But right now I Can tell anyone who cares to read this I'm mentally in hell and have been since day one.

Even leading up to the trail she has done so many crazy things to put me though further hell everything to stopping me seeing my child to blackmail.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear your story. I too (like your ex) am an alienating parent and am trying to not be anymore for the sake of our young child. It is very difficult for such a narcissistic person like myself. I need to get better so our son won't suffer any more. I'm trying to realize that a son needs his father too. loredana brigandi

8:50 AM  

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