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Saturday, January 10, 2009

If you defend Christianity, you'll be fired....

Offend Muslims and you'll get fired - offend Christians and you'll probably get your own show...this is from the UK...
The Rev Mahboob Masih, a Church minister, claims he was unfairly dismissed and that the action taken against him was a case of religious discrimination.

He had been host of a regular Saturday morning show on Awaz FM, a community radio show in Glasgow, for six years before the row with the station's management blew up.

After a lively religious debate, the radio station management took exception to the content of the discussion. The Rev Masih was accused of not being balanced enough on air. However, Awaz FM refuses to detail anything specific he said that might have offended its listeners.

The Rev Masih and his co-presenter Afzal Umeed were discussing the views of a prominent Muslim speaker, Zakir Naik, who the Rev Masih accuses of belittling the Christian faith on Peace TV, a digital channel.

The Rev Masih says that Mr Umeed asked Asif Mall, a Christian on-air guest, about Mr Naik's remarks. Mr Mall said Mr Naik's comments showed a lack of knowledge of the Bible and of the Koran.

In particular, Mr Mall disputed a claim by Mr Naik that Jesus Christ was not the only prophet to be "the way, the truth and the life".

The Rev Masih, 37, who is the minister in West Kirk, East Kilbride, says that he reluctantly made an on-air apology in an attempt to defuse the row. However, he says he refused a request from a senior station official to deliver an apology in person at the Central Mosque in Glasgow because he felt intimidated and his safety could have been endangered. He also insists he had nothing to apologise for to Muslims.

Initially, he and his co-presenter were temporarily suspended for breaching the station's code of conduct. The Rev Masih, who is married with two children, was later dismissed after sending a letter criticising his treatment to the station's management committee.


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The Islamic Republik of Britain.

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