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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Will the next Saudi King be hardline???

The succession is going to be interesting...
Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz, the interior minister and a half-brother of King Abdullah, has assumed second place in the line of succession. His appointment as second deputy prime minister places him next in line after Crown Prince Sultan.

Because King Abdullah is about 84 and the Crown Prince is of the same vintage and in poor health, this makes Prince Nayef highly likely to succeed to the throne. He will take temporary charge of Saudi Arabia while the King attends the G20 summit in London and Crown Prince Sultan recovers from surgery in New York.

Prince Nayef, who at 75 is a relatively youthful member of the royal family's senior circle, is a deeply controversial figure. Shortly after the terrorist attacks on September 11, he was sceptical about the involvement of any Saudis and publicly suggested that "Zionists" were responsible. But he adopted a tough line against al-Qaeda after the kingdom was rocked by a series of attacks in 2003 and 2004.

Prince Nayef's elevation has caused a rare public split in the royal family. Prince Talal, a noted reformist, asked the King for assurances about the succession. "I call on the royal court to clarify what is meant by this nomination and that it does not mean that he will become Crown Prince," said Prince Talal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prince Naif is not a hard-liner as he is always in the media has been described.
He maintains very good relations with the Islamic scholars of the Kingdom.

Prince Naif has been very strong in the field of internal security of the Kingdom arranged and strengthened the country through modern technical equipment and modern security infrastructure, and advanced training of security forces to become one of the countries in the world with one of the lowest crime rates made. Nor has the influence of Prince Naif, the Saudi religious police in the public life of the country limits.

The high efficiency of his security apparatus has given him, especially among the population of Saudi Arabia, has not brought laurels. But with efficient security system has up to now Prince Naif, the rule of the royal family backed up, even against the threat of terrorism.

This man was in the international media wrongly displayed very critical.

Prince Naif life style is far removed from that of his older brothers, the late King Fahd.
Prince Naif life style is traditional, much like his older half-brother of King Abdullah.

It must be clearly borne in mind that during the term of office of King Fahd, the former Crown Prince now King Abdullah, in the mid-90s years of the 20th Century, he was shown as a conservative traditional person and King Fahd and his brothers as a modern thinking.

Today King Abdullah is seen as a modernizer. The same is also with the person of Prince Naif associated.

Prince Naif is not conservative, as many Western media reports. It can be more to the group of technocrats include what his country wants to bring more structure, without the understanding of Western democracy be obstructed.

In Saudi Arabia are elections, as we know in the West, totally unknown. Because if the Saudi Arabian royal family would agree to elections, people who are partially unable to read or write or radical ideologies can attach to the people then plunge into the abyss would.

Prince Naif is a quiet man he hates loud discussions. He is regarded as hard working.

I think he will be good future king!

12:45 PM  

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