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Sunday, June 28, 2009

We don't need green jobs....

We just need jobs, period...
Can governments create “green” jobs by spending big wads of money? Sure - but at the cost of destroying other jobs.

The benefits, environmental or otherwise, might offset the costs. But three prominent recent reports advocating the creation of “green” jobs make no attempt to calculate real benefits and real costs. The economic illiteracy revealed is breathtaking.

The Beacon Hill Institute has analyzed these proposals. We noted similar analyses last month from the Property and Environment Research Center in Bozeman, Mont. Columnist George Will highlighted the subject last Thursday.

Will reported on a Spanish researcher’s finding that Spain has destroyed or not created 2.2 jobs for each one created with the help of subsidies of $752,000 to $800,000 in alternative energy.

The Beacon Hill Institute examined reports from the Worldwatch Institute done with support from several international agencies, from the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst for the Center for American Progress and from Global Insight, a consulting firm, for the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

All count jobs as benefits - as the Beacon Hill Institute puts it, they are “mistakenly arguing that a cost is actually a benefit.” None calculates jobs destroyed or not created.

For example, Worldwatch argues for “nonmotorized transport,” such as the pedicabs used in Uganda and Kenya to transport large numbers of people. Pedicabs - amusing as they may be for a ride to Fenway - would just impoverish America.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by the ECO-fascists that push the NDP to go GREEN with jobs to save the planet.

It's been almost 2 years since I started to Invent a series of ECO-Accessible products for the Disabled which have a global application as Universal-design items.
But not only has the Patent and IP protection become a nightmare from the Layers upon Layers of paper work and Legal nuances for Illustrations and exact spelling for the descriptions of the Inventions, I now have Ontario to wrestle with because of more layers of Government workers and rules .
You would think that since canada has a aging population crisis that my Accessible-ECO friendly products would be welcomed to bring Social equity to the disabled in the workplace and home , BUT no.....thanks to the Environmental Accessments needed to build my Plants and employ the locals I have discovered that it may take up to 8 years for me to even get a shovel in the ground .
My impression of the McGuinty Ontario is that he wants people like me to send my jobs to China so I can import the cheap labour products to create more low-income retail jobs that justify a larger Government to push paper all day and have more make-work projects to provide Low-income housing or promote more unwed mothers who need State run day-care to indoctinate kids with the new PC mind set.

Don't get fooled by the GREEN products such as Kitchen appliances or GREEN washers and Dryers , while they DO use less power for the consumer.....they create a massive amount of pollution when they are Imported from 6000 miles away and come by cargo-ship/train/trucks and use the sooty Diesel fuels that have been proven to cause lung damage.

My products are truely GREEN from being built locally and I reduce the shipping costs by 25% for product size along with reducing the weight and geting away from Oil-based plastics or lubricants.

Only in canada can you have Governments bent on successfully destroying any hopes for the Inventors who want to change the world for good.
I have a Patent lawyer in New York and I'm focused on Texas and lower Alberta with my business plan for N.A. and the $200 Billion dollar yearly market on a global scale.
Dalton and Miller can keep their welfare States to buy votes as they keep the Public Unions growing as well, it's not my job to bail them out of their obscene Election promises for a prosper Ontario which was created by Inventor and risk takers.

6:19 PM  

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