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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Muslims throw fireworks at Police in Luton...

They had to call in the riot police...
Officers wearing helmets and carrying shields were sent to the park after Asian youths attacked local police.

The incident happened a week after Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, issued a banning order on protestors planning right-wing demonstrations in the area.

A group of PCSOs patrolling the park had been on the lookout for any such protests, when they were attacked.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: ''Today's disorder follows weeks of engagement and public consultation by Bedfordshire Police and Luton Borough Council in response to tensions within the community after the town was identified as a potential location for a march by right-wing supporters.''

Police had to send in an extra 50 officers and six police horses at 4.30pm as the violence escalated. Two people were arrested for public order offences.


Blogger Pissedoff said...

They should just have allowed the ight wing demonstrators in to sort out the Hayrab thugs.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"-----muslims throw fireworks at police in Luton......."

Yeah, and then they complain about harrassment and islamophobia. In Britain, a few years ago, a tv-documentary of channel 4, brought to the open that in the UK even mosques, that are renowned for their multicultural stance and that serve as an interlocutor to the government, preach hatred against jews, gays (demand the death sentence for gays), Israel, the UK, western women, harbour terrorists and terror-sympathizers, sell or distribute hate-literatur and call for jihad against the western world!

And then they complain about "growing islamophobia".....rom

5:37 AM  
Anonymous DoorHold said...

@anon: "... they complain about "growing islamophobia""

A phobia is an UNREASONABLE fear or prejudice. All they have to do is give us a REASON not to fear or prejudge them and their problem's solved.

3:17 PM  

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