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Thursday, October 08, 2009

And now the Saudis want a bailout...

Gee, we better get in line for our bailout...
If the world community actually comes to a climate change agreement that involves cutting dependence on carbon based fuels, such as oil, one country intends to demand a bailout. That country is not an impoverished, third world nation.

The country demanding a bailout in the event of a climate change pact is none other than Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest oil exporters in the world. The Saudis are conducting a quiet campaign at the UN climate change talks now taking place in Bangkok to include in such an agreement a bailout for oil producing countries that would be adversely affected by a climate change agreement.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget it Saudi Arabia!I think im warming up to this climate change stuff.If it gets us off dependance on foreign oil,then by gosh all those oil producing countries will actually have to ...gasp...govern!Then all those arabs will see how incompetant their leaders really are.Then the sheet will really hit the fan and the West doesnt have to fire a shot!


10:37 PM  
Anonymous DoorHold said...

Aren't we being adversely affected by globalization agreements? Where's the world-funded bailout of America for all the jobs we've lost? Where's OUR bailout dammit!

Actually, any roadblock to global plans to impoverish the developed countries is fine by me. Go for it Saudi Arabia! Tie them suckers up in knots.

2:00 PM  

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