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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Muslim soccer team thrown out of French League....

Good, they did the right thing...
A mainly Muslim team has been thrown out of a local Paris league after refusing to face a side of gay players.

"The Creteil Bebel team is excluded from the Leisure Football Commission for refusing a match and (making) discriminatory comments," the commission's website said Wednesday.

The decision was taken at the body's management committee on Tuesday night, the posting said.

Paris Foot Gay (PFG) were set to play fellow Creteil side Bebel, who are composed of mainly Muslim players, on October 4.

Bebel cried off a day before in an email.

"Sorry, but because of the name of your team and in keeping with the principles of the team, which is a team of practising Muslims, we cannot play against you," the message said

"Our convictions are stronger than a game of football."

PFG's co-founder and president Pascal Brethes deplored a "homophobic" decision.

After an attempted compromise with Bebel claiming a "misunderstanding", the club again refused to face PFG.


Blogger tao_taier said...

It is homophobia.

It's one thing if they were out on the field and being taunted in a sexual manner or being hit on and then to refuse to play but that isn't the case as far as I know and it IS discriminatory for them to assume that would be the case if they were to play against them.

Thats like assuming the other team would intimidate them or utter death threats so choosing not to play before any such trespasses even take place.

or some such.

1:51 AM  
Anonymous DoorHold said...

"Our convictions are stronger than a game of football."

Well good for them. I hope they (voluntarily) remove themselves from every situation in life where they might encounter a gay person.

I hear Iran has no homosexuals. Just how strong ARE you convictions, gentlemen?

12:39 PM  

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