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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Only 60 lashes???

Is Saudi justice going soft???
A Saudi court on Saturday convicted a female journalist for her involvement in a TV show, in which a Saudi man publicly talked about sex, and sentenced her to 60 lashes.

Rozanna al-Yami is believed to be the first Saudi woman journalist to be given such a punishment. The charges against her include involvement in the preparation of the program and advertising the segment on the Internet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that utter moron Obama actually had the gall to say that muslim so-called civilisation make great contributions to the advancement of humanity. Friggin' barbarians whose only contribution to humanity is keep a billion people stuck in a retarded cult. I can't wait for oil to run out under the feet of muslim countries... then we can let them get back to shagging goats and little kids.

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