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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why are American blacks drawn to Islam...

Don't they realize the Muslim involvement with the slave trade???
Sekou Jackson is used to the questions: Why does he need to leave a work meeting to pray? Don't black Muslims convert to Islam in jail? Why would you even want to be Muslim?

"It's kind of a double whammy to be African-American and Muslim," said Mr. Jackson, who studies the Navy at the National Academy of Science in Washington. "You're going to be judged."

Mr. Jackson's struggle may have gotten harder when the FBI on Wednesday raided a Detroit-area warehouse used by a Muslim group. The FBI said the group's leader preached hate against the government, trafficked in stolen goods and belonged to a radical group that wants to establish a Muslim state in America. The imam of the group's mosque, a black American named Luqman Ameen Abdullah, was killed in a shootout with agents. The FBI says he resisted arrest and fired a gun.

On Friday, the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque in Detroit, where Mr. Abdullah served as prayer leader, dismissed as "utterly preposterous" the FBI's allegations that Mr. Abdullah was part of a radical Islamic group. Mr. Abdullah was a "recognized and respected member of numerous mainstream Muslim organizations and leadership bodies," the mosque said.

"The slanderous allegations of his being a national leader of a radical Islamic sect is utterly preposterous. ... These allegations are contrary to what we as a community stand for," the mosque said.

Although the FBI was careful to say those arrested in Detroit were not mainstream Muslims, it has accused other black Muslims of similar crimes, most recently in May, when four men were charged with plotting to blow up New York synagogues and shoot down a military plane.

Yet the Muslim faith continues to convert many average black Americans, who say they are attracted by Islam's emphasis on equality, discipline and family.

"The unique history African-Americans have faced, we're primed for accepting Islam," said Mr. Jackson, 31, who grew up in a secular home and converted to Islam when he was about 18.
Gee, why aren't they attracted to Judiasm's emphasis on equality, discipline and family?


Anonymous Philanthropist said...

A "recognized and respected member of numerous mainstream Muslim organizations and leadership bodies," - that's the problem.

These guys are running around with guns and ready to shoot it out with the FBI. They must be stopped.

American blacks are attracted to fascist Islam due to the efforts of many organizations to portray Muslims as victims, it suits the narrative of blacks in America since that is the same story told ad infinitum to black people in all Western countries.

It is so much easier, for Muslims and black people, to point fingers at an outsider rather than look within themselves. That's how fascist Arab/Islamic governments get away with abusing their citizenry, and that's how the Sharpton/Jackson cartoon characters make lots of money.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:01 AM  
Blogger Adisa said...

Islam came to America on the slave ships. Islam (fka "Mohammedism") has always existed alongside Animist practices, Christianity and mixtures of all of the above within the "African-American" cosmography.

Noble Drew Ali, in the 1920s, tapped into the remnants of Islam and formed the Moorish Science Temple, creating the launchpad for a number of African American Islamic movements.

African American Islamists do not attempt to mimic Arabs and, in practice, recognize themselves as separate from Arab culture and complexes. Similarly, the Islamic practices that you'll find in Mali or Senegal are markedly different from what is demonstrated in Arab or Asian societies.

If one really wants to understand how and why many African American prisoners are drawn to Islam, one only needs to read "The Autobiography of Malcolm X." However, it's important to distinguish the repentant prisoners' attraction to Islam from that of those who have been raised under generations of African American Islamic thought.

As for African Americans and Judaism, one only needs to look at Ben Ammi and the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem.

I hope this information helps those with genuine interest gain a window into the complex range of ideologies that are expressed in African American life.

9:56 AM  

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