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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Al Gore does it again...

More errors in his new book...
Former vice president Al Gore has always been one of the more divisive figures in the debate about manmade climate change. As one of the most visible people sounding the alarm on climate change, he is quick to come under fire. His new book “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis” provides plenty of ammunition for global warming skeptics without them having to read even the first page.

The new tome, seen as a follow up to the Nobel laureate’s “An Inconvenient Truth” provides Gore’s solutions to end rising temperatures. Half of the cover folds back to show the earth in its relatively pristine condition today while the other side depicts how it would look after being ravaged by climate change.
When you unfold the cover, the image you see if the earth as we know it today with its deep blue oceans, rich soil, and green forests. This side of the cover reveals an artist’s rendering of an earth where unchecked global warming has wreaked havoc. We are at a crossroads. We must choose which earth will be home to future generations.
~ Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis
Hurricane expert Ryan Maue of Florida State University first noticed something wrong with the images. It is there on the cover that inaccuracies and impossibilities are depicted thus providing skeptics a chance to jump on Gore much like they did the inaccuracies in his previous works.

The retouched image depicting our planet at some point in the future, contains images of five hurricanes. One storm off the coast of Florida is turning in a clockwise motion, an impossibility in the northern hemisphere. Another hurricane is shown near Peru and the equator, a place where hurricanes cannot form. It is also a bit ironic that so many storms are depicted when hurricane activity is currently at a 30 year low.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the warmists losing ground to common sense on a daily basis, it can't be much longer before Al Gore jumps on the 'new ice age' bandwagon and proposes solutions to what is, evidentally, a phenomenon caused by humans.
Peering into my crystal ball, I envision a time when massive ships, paid for by the taxpayer but operating under the ownership of Gore Enterprises Shipping, load up with tons of fly-ash from coal fired generating plants. These ships will transport the ash to the polar regions where it will be spread over the ice to reduce the albedo effect and raise the temperature of the planet. Since these regions are not subject to great quantities of solar radiation, governments of the world will be able to purchase from Gore Enterprises, at a nominal fee, millions of black plastic garbage bags which can be joined together and spread over equatorial waters to hasten the heating.
If all else fails, Gore Enterprises Drilling, will proceed to the sites where CO2 has been sequestered, in a foolish attempt to combat global warming, and the imprisoned gas will be released into the atmosphere.
All transactions and purchases will be made through the Gore Enterprises International Bank.

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