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Monday, November 16, 2009

Anti-semitic graffiti in Calgary...

This is really horrible...
Calgary's Jewish community is horrified by the discovery yesterday of anti-Semitic slogans spray-painted in two communities -- including on a Holocaust war memorial.

Sometime overnight Saturday, the culprits defaced mailboxes, fences and signs at a number of Jewish synagogues and centres, and even a war memorial in honour of Holocaust survivors.

The graffiti in the communities of Pump Hill and Woodbine included swastikas and several hateful messages, such as "Kill Jews" and "6 million more."

The hatred directed at Calgary's Jewish community -- which is estimated at about 8,000 residents -- is disturbing, said Calgary Jewish Community spokesman Adam Singer.

"I was horrified -- these are expressions and words that we had hoped had been relegated to the dust bins of history," he said.

"One of the responses is fear, another response is outrage, another response is disbelief."

The graffiti vandalized property on or near the Calgary Jewish Centre near 90 Ave. & Jerusalem Road S.W.

Numerous anti-Semitic slogans were sprayed on a Holocaust war memorial, the building, and some fences and mailboxes down the street.

Culprits also spray-painted another Jewish facility in Woodbine.


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