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Monday, November 02, 2009

An excuse for bashing gays....

Here's a revealing article about the current situation in the Netherlands. Of course, the article tries to portray the success of local campaigns to combat extremism, but look at this section...
Marcouch and Tillie explained how successful the campaign has been, as no new incidents have taken place. "Not much has happened, despite the fact that we in the Netherlands seem to be making an effort to let things escalate", Tillie said, referring to Geert Wilders. "His party is constantly bashing Muslims. The fact that nothing else has happened, proves how effective the policies have been."

But French correspondent Didier Burg, who works for Belgian newspaper Le Soir and Radio France Internationale, was sceptical about the presentation. "Gay's are still a target for Muslim youth in Amsterdam and the polls suggest the PVV will become the biggest party. How can you call that a success?" he asked Marcouch.
And, here comes the answer:
The borough chairman, himself born in Morocco, replied that Islam is not a root cause of gay hostility from immigrant youngsters. "They don't harass homosexuals for religious reasons. Criminal Moroccan kids call themselves Muslims, but they never go to mosque and do everything Allah has forbidden."
So, they are indeed bad muslims. If only these kids would go to the mosque, then gay bashing would just disappear....because you know how friendly the koran is to gay people! Yeah, right!


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