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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Halal only???

I'm pushing for my local supermarket to go kosher only...
SUPERMARKET giant Asda has risked sparking a racial backlash in the place where the BNP won its first ever council, by closing its traditional fresh meat counter and replacing it with a halal only section.

The chain has decided to make the move at its large store on the Isle of Dogs, east London.

Within weeks, anyone wanting fresh pork chops or ham off the bone will have to go to the pre-packed meat section, with Muslim customers having a wider choice from the halal counter.

Asda insisted it was “responding to customer demand” and had done a deal with a local halal butcher to reflect the ethnic make up of the area’s population.

Yet figures show that while the borough of Tower Hamlets is almost half Muslim, the Isle of Dogs is about 80 per cent non-Bangladeshi.


Blogger Skinny Dipper said...

Too bad. Boo-hoo.

In Thornhill, the chain-supermarket is kosher. One cannot get pork products there. The one on the Promenade Mall is a Chinese supermarket. Great food! However, one cannot get bacon--at least the North American kind.

Nortown (sp?) is a kosher mini-supermarket that operates in the Toronto area. Where's the bacon?

If one does not like a Halal only supermarket, then don't shop there.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Skinny Dipper, don't confuse poor Fred with all your logic and free market talk.

He will demand that the government interfere to ensure that the meat market stay open, so serve customers who don't shop there.

Conservative thought at its finest alright...

5:57 PM  
Blogger kursk said...

What you don't see is those groups in Thornhill etc. demanding that the food be Halal, and if it isn't there will be 'trouble' for the store (as happened in this case) Those areas mentioned also have long standing ethnic communities that are in the majority.The Muslim numbers are nowhere near that in this case.

Your examples are specious and out of context, but I shouldn't confuse leftists with those salient points.

Shouldn't you good little Jr.Marxists be at a trade union meeting somewhere?

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys

I thought that I will just pop in here as I am one of the customers of this Asda store as I live quiet local to it

What needs to be said is that this area where you state it is nearly 80% is made up with the white middle classes that have recently moved into the new overpriced Docklands area.

This area was for decades left to run down thus forcing out the people that had always lived in the area the luxury developments they started to build forced the locals to move on as they could no longer afford to live where they were born.

The Asda store has been there over 20 years and serves the community well and also those who moved out of the area still return to shop.

But what you failed to say in your piece is there is another nice new supermarket only a short walk from the Asda store and it is the Waitrose very expensive store which attracts the new breed of upwardly mobile customers who do not use Asda they just use the free parking on offer that they abuse.

Also what you fail to mention is that you are able to get all kinds of meats and cooked meats as always but the demand for fresh halal meat counter is greater you find that the majority of customers prefer the pre packed meats on offer so they use the limited space for the fresh halal counter.

The customers were questioned about this for several months if they had any concerns and it appears they did not

But what you need to know that this area is being constantly redeveloped and Asda takes a large chunk of land which they are trying to build upon so the story is not really ticking all the boxes for the truth.

To me this is more a propaganda thing trying to get the right wing racist I hate all things connected to the Muslim people
a platform to spill there bile on,

Also I do not see why someone who is in Canada gives a dam
or perhaps its more that its a story that is trying to demean someone if they eat Halal food

Get your facts right
from a white eastend Grandmother
from a Jewish immigrant family who does not give a dam.

9:29 AM  

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