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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hezbollah wants to ban Anne Frank's diary....

Well, it is a dangerous book, no?
An international organization fighting against Holocaust denial condemned on Wednesday a campaign of intimidation by the militant Hezbollah group over the distribution of Anne Frank's diary in Lebanon.

The world-famous book was recently translated into Arabic and Farsi by the Paris-based Aladdin Project, which aims to spread awareness of the Holocaust and counter racism and intolerance.

The Lebanese militant group raised a fuss over the diary, the second campaign recently by Hezbollah against books it deems offensive.

The Hezbollah-owned Al-Manar TV last week called on Lebanese judicial authorities to prosecute those responsible for the distribution of the book here, blasting its theatrical and dramatic narration in an emotional way.

Naim al-Qalaani from Hezbollah's Committee for the Boycott of Zionist Goods in Lebanon told the TV the book's distribution was a flagrant violation and a move toward normalization with Lebanon's archenemy, Israel.


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