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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How Iran tried to dupe Israeli intelligence....

Fortunately, they are no match for the Israelis...
The Hezbollah-bound arms shipment that was seized by Israel Navy commandos Tuesday night left an Iranian port 10 days ago aboard a local merchant ship.

The weapons and ammunition, including 106 mm shells, 107 mm and 122 mm rockets, hand grenades, mortar shells, anti-tank missiles and ammunition for AK-47 rifles, were hidden in polyethylene bags. Following a 2,500 mile journey, the FRANCOP vessel docked at Egypt's Damietta Port after crossing the Suez Canal.

As part of the plan to deceive Israeli intelligence services, the 36 containers containing the munitions were then transferred to a German cargo ship sailing under an Antiguan flag. The ship is owned by Cypriot charter company UFS, and its captain is Polish.

The vessel left the Egyptian port at around noon Tuesday. It was scheduled to dock briefly in Cyprus before heading to the Syria's Latakia Port. IDF officials estimate that Syria planned to transfer the weapons to Hezbollah operatives in Lebanon by land.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

History has a long list of proof that the Jews are a heck of a lot smarter (and more civilized) than your average 21th century islamist - not to mention better soldiers than any Arab or Iranian. No Arab coalition has ever defeated Israel, and Iran couldn't even beat Saddam Hussein's useless Iraqi army in 80s. The Iranians better keep their powder dry. When it comes to regional balance of power, every Arab nation (including the Saudis) have more in common with Israel than Iran - there is a Semitic blood-brotherhood under the religion that beats out faith. Just think about how the Israeli Navy is able to operate in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, if not with the tacit agreement of the Arabs. Iran has no friends in the region but Syria (and the Hezbollah vermin in Lebanon), and if it ever came to Israel flying in to take out Iranian nuke sites, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, the Persian Gulf States, Oman and Saudi Arabia would close their eyes and let them cross their airspace without a peep (if not with an cheering escort, especially the Saudis who hate the Iranians more than they hate the Jews)

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