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Monday, November 02, 2009

Not more George Galloway....

This is a total waste of time...
The Federal Court has ordered a judicial review into the decision to ban a controversial British MP from entering Canada last spring.

George Galloway was refused entry in March. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said it was due to Galloway’s outspoken support of Hamas, a Palestinian political group listed as a terrorist organization in Canada.

He had been scheduled to speak inToronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, and Montreal before receiving a letter from the Canada Border Services Agency saying he was inadmissible on security grounds.

On Friday, however, the Federal Court of Canada agreed to hear a review of Kenney’s order, according to a news release from the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War.

Said Galloway, “Jason Kenney may oppose my views, but he has no right to prevent Canadians themselves from hearing what I have to say. I look forward to challenging in court Mr. Kenney’s attack on free speech.
From my understanding, Galloway never actually tried to enter the, I think there is something very wrong about this report.


Blogger kursk said... from the terrorist loving Toronto stop the war coalition.James Clark needs to have his attitude readjusted in a bad way.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Galloway is a prick. Stay home George.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Lucy said...

George has some barmy views and he has grown more outrageous as his popularity had grown. He used to speak sense but the celebrity bit has taken over and he is just a caricature now. You Canadians aren't missing much.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Don from Canada said...

Galloway was never banned from entering Canada. Here's the real story.
For some unknown reason Galloway's people asked ahead of time for assurances that he would not be prohibited from coming into Canada. No reason for this query was ever offered by Galloway but we know that they didn’t ask for pre-clearance from the U.S. or any other country on his speaking tour. Canadian officials told them that based on a strict interpretation of our immigration rules, due to his self admitted association with a group of people who are on Canada's (and many other country’s) list of terrorists, he might be denied entrance but it was clearly stated that this wasn't the final word on the matter. He was free to come and see what the customs officer he encountered handled the matter. But rather than take that chance (wasn’t worth the risk to him I guess) Galloway then asked for special permission to circumvent the rules and a judge, not a politician, denied the application. The immigration Minister said he saw no good reason to over rule the (unelected) authorities in this matter. But someone started to call it a ban and that's when the story caught fire.
So I say bring on the inquiry. Let’s expose the truth. But make the stipulation that the loser pays for the expenses of the inquiry.

2:58 PM  

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