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Friday, November 20, 2009

Iran says Canada abuses the UN.....

Good for Canada to show continued leadership on the world stage...
Iran claimed effective victory over Canada at the United Nations on Friday as a majority of world countries refused to support a Canadian-led bid to censure the Islamic republic over its human rights record.

The vote in a key 192-member committee of the UN General Assembly passed with 74 countries in favour, 48 against with 59 abstentions.

But Iran emphasized that a large majority of states did not actively support the measure, either through a no vote, and abstention, or by being absent.

"The high number of votes against or in abstention illustrates the majority of member states continue to refuse to support the proposition put forward by Canada and its allies," said said Eshagh Al Habib, Iran's deputy ambassador at the UN.

"This pattern of voting clearly indicates yet again that . . . measures should be taken to prevent certain countries such as Canada from abusing the United Nations."

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon noted, however, that the result means the international record will reflect a censure of Iran.

"The adoption of this resolution is another clear signal of the international community's concern for the human rights of people in Iran," he said. "It sends a message of hope to the victims of violations, and to the human rights defenders who seek to effect positive change in Iran."


Blogger Skuleman said...

Since the UN has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for third world dictatorships, I wonder what would happen if the G20+a few decided to drop out, and then of course their cash flow could go elsewhere. Without all the cash from the west, especially the US the UN would be bankrupt in a few weeks.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a nutshell skuleman thats sounds about right.Gee i wonder how much US debt would be paid off if north america became independant of oil and the UN.I like the declaration of human rights.Too bad elements of the 192 members of the UN body dont respect it.A UN without dictatorships or tyrant regimes would be wonderful change i can believe in!


6:10 PM  

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