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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Europe's Israel obsession...

Europeans are obsessed with making Israel into a villain....
Baroness Catherine Ashton of Upholland (the European Union's new chief diplomat in the likely case you don't know her) isn't exactly what one would call "experienced." Perhaps to shed her much-deserved reputation as a foreign-policy novice, she used her maiden speech in the European Parliament to fuel the Continent's No. 1 international-affairs obsession: trashing the Jewish state.

"We're deeply concerned about daily living conditions of people in Gaza," she told law makers last week. "Israel should reopen the crossings without delay."

It's rather odd, to say the least, that no sooner had Israel left Gaza in 2005, than the same people who so anxiously had called for Israel to "end the occupation" wanted it back in the picture. Even though Hamas returned Israel's peace gesture with relentless rocket attacks, Israel is nevertheless expected to establish some sort of free-trade zone with the Islamists and open its borders again to Palestinian suicide bombers.

Egypt, the Palestinians' Arab brother nation, meanwhile, can quietly build a steel wall—yes, steel—at its Gaza border without having to fear negative Western press coverage, let alone the Baroness's wrath. She has only Israel in her crosshairs, even though Jerusalem is actually still providing a lifeline to the Palestinians.

Despite all the misreporting about a "humanitarian catastrophe" in Gaza as a result of Israel's blockade, the flow of aid support from Israel to the narrow strip is uninterrupted. In the week of Dec. 13 -Dec. 19 alone, 553 truckloads with 13,587 tons of merchandise reached Gaza from Israel, according to the Israeli foreign ministry.

The result is obvious. For an authentic look at life in Gaza, check out the photos of crowded markets filled with food, clothing and candy, published last month on the Web site of "Palestine Today," a Gaza newspaper, as first reported on these pages by Mideast analyst Tom Gross (

It is not surprising, perhaps, that the Baroness cannot summon insights into the Gaza situation. She cannot get the EU's own policy straight, either.

"The EU is opposed...," Ms. Ashton claimed, "to the construction of the separation barrier." Just a week earlier, though, her bosses, the 27 foreign ministers of the EU member states, declared that "the separation barrier where built on occupied land...(is) illegal under international law." That's not quite the same as the total opposition the Baroness implied, particularly given the fact that the barrier largely follows the 1949 armistice line.

The EU's new foreign-policy grandee apparently will not look beyond the legalistic objections to the barrier's trajectory to see the immense benefits it has brought to both parties. The barrier helped prevent Palestinian terrorism, thus bringing security to Israelis and Palestinians, which in turn was instrumental in paving the road for the Palestinian territories' recent economic revival. And without this return of calm and security, Israel could never be expected to make further concessions for peace.


Blogger Falling on a bruise said...

Got to love us Europeans.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Lucy's Nemesis said...

You may be a European Lucy, but your countrymen aren't!

Unless they're europhile socialists like you that is.

When we finally get a referendum you can kiss goodbye to the EUSSR.

11:39 PM  
Blogger Falling on a bruise said...

I wish they would tell me when they move Great Britain out of Europe. I am going to have to update all my atlas's now. Are we on the continent of Asia or North America now?

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Lucy's Nemesis said...

Lucy, do you comprehend that "Europe" is an artificial construct with poorly defined boundaries? Where does Asia begin and Europe end?

Where is Northern Europe? Belgium? France?

Is Europe a synonym for the EU?

Is British culture "European"? I think we all know the answer to that.

Do British people think of themself as "European" or British?

The only people in Britain who call themselves Europen are raving socialists.

Britain has more in common with the US, Canada and Australia than any European country but the socialists can't stand that.

Socialists love being told what to think and what to do and they hate individuality and freedom. So the EUSSR is forced into Britain and the socialist automatons cheerfully start calling themselves European and demand everyone else do too.

That's what the original USSR tried to do, make the whole world socialist by telling everyone they are now Soviets instead of individuals in free countries.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Falling on a bruise said...

It really is not that hard a concept to grasp Nemesis.
Which part of it are you failing to understand so i can explain how continents work to you?

12:48 PM  

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