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Saturday, December 05, 2009

More good news - government cuts another leftist group from funding....

It's about time..there's no way the government should fund NGOs to then lobby the government.
The Conservative government is set to slash millions of dollars in funding to Alternatives, a Montreal-based nongovernmental organization associated with a number of left-leaning causes and which has been critical of Canada's involvement in the war in Afghanistan.

Alternatives was founded in 1994 "to foster social justice, participatory democracy and equal relations between North and South," according to its 2007-08 annual report.

The report shows that it received $2.4-million from the Canadian International Development Agency and a further $1.4-million from other federal departments.

Ottawa is understood to be particularly unhappy about an education camp the NGO organized in August 2008. The event, at Saint-Alphonse de Rodriguez in Quebec, featured "500 motivated militants" invited from countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, "Palestine" and Venezuela.

Sources said the government is also concerned that Alternatives' board includes supporters of Hezbollah and Hamas, such as Ali Mallah, vice-president of the Canadian Arab Federation.

Mr. Mallah has in the past said that Hezbollah is a "symbol of the struggle against Israeli oppression, injustice and occupation," while the CAF has called on the Canadian government to remove "legitimate political parties" such as Hamas and Hezbollah from the list of banned organizations. Mr. Mallah, who is also an active CUPE and NDP member, did not return calls seeking comment.


Anonymous Philanthropist said...

If any of these organizations are at all worthy of support, then there is no need for the government to force me to support them, their constituents or believers or members will find a way to keep them going.

It is outrageous that every Canadian taxpayer is forced to support often morally reprehensible organizations. They should not even have charitable status because that means we still subsidize them.

4:40 PM  

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