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Friday, December 04, 2009

Snow falls in Houston.....

Earliest snowfall on record...
It might still be early December, but don’t tell residents of Houston that, they had their first snow fall of the year late Thursday night and their expected to get more before the end of Friday.

It’s a rare occurrence for snow to fall in the Houston area and two more inches are still expected to fall by Friday Evening. The snow occurred because of a Rocky Mountain cold area surge which reached the area before warming.

At the Houston Airport temperatures reached as low as 24 degrees when the wind chill factor was included in readings, a chilly prospect for a state where many people don’t own or haven’t unpacked their winter coats at this early juncture in the season.

Houston only sees snowfalls every four years, although it has now snowed two years in a row and this snowfall is the earliest on record.


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Please amend your post, it is 100% stolen from indyposted and as site policy we report all DCMA violations.

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I linked to indyposted. Is that not good enough?

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