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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Why our divorce laws need urgent reform.....

This is totally outrageous....
A 61-year-old Toronto woman whose marriage fell apart after 33 years has won a record-setting spousal support award of $110,000 a month.

The extraordinary award – which also included two years of retroactive support at $140,000 a month – was based on the length of Carol Ann Elgner's marriage to Claude Elgner, coupled with Mr. Elgner's annual income of $3-million to $4-million.
She deserves something, but not that much. If she likes the lifestyle that he can provide, then she should stay married.


Blogger L said...

"If she likes the lifestyle that he can provide, then she should stay married."

What??? Excuse me??? Do you know all the facts? Just look the other way, eh?

1:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Fred, but wrong call on this one. After 33 years she deserves one third of the income. And half of all assets including pensions! Who knows what went on it that marriage - how much support did she provide so that he could pursue his career. My husband is always gone away on business - sometimes I don't see him for months at a time. He goes away for stretches that range from a few days to an entire year. I am left at home having to take care of everything - including his pets, cars, motorcycles, subscriptions, memberships etc. etc. Oh and I raised a daughter too over the years and kept up relationships with his family and friends when he couldn't send birthday cards or what have you.

The money made in that family over the course of 33 years was earned by both of them - he didn't earn that money in a vaccuum without her support on the homefront. She deserves her share!

6:22 PM  

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