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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sudan gets upset at Denmark....

An upcoming film is supposedly anti-Muslim....
Denmark has no plans to discuss or interfere in the content of a Danish film under production that Sudan alleges to be anti-Muslim, Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller said Wednesday. A spokesman for the Sudanese government on Tuesday criticized Danish film director Susanne Bier's upcoming movie The Revenge as racist.

The film is being shot in Kenya and Denmark.

The Danish Foreign Ministry would on Wednesday send a reply to Sudan stating that "there is artistic freedom and freedom of speech in Denmark," Moller told news agency Ritzau.

"We defend what is legal in Denmark. Others should not interfere in that," he added.

The movie also touches on Sudan's troubled Darfur region, and links events in a refugee camp there to a little town in Denmark.

The film is scheduled to premier at the end of August.
Now I really want to see this film.


Blogger Bert said...

Interesting that they use the sentence, "The film is being shot in Kenya and Denmark."

12:47 PM  
Anonymous The Grey Lady said...

Taken into consideration that my family has adopted several Christian Sudanese children that wake up in terror still, dreaming they are running and hiding from the death squads that killed their parents, the Sudanese Governemnt can just go FTSSW with their wimperings.

1:00 PM  

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