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Monday, January 11, 2010

What Afghans think....

Terry Glavin has a look at the latest polling of Afghans. Guess what? We are not hated; we are wanted in Afghanistan. And the people are clear who is responsible for the violence in their country: The Taliban.
Sixty-one per cent of the Afghan respondents support the U.S./NATO "surge" of 37,000 troops. Only 25 per cent agree with the American (and Canadian) plan to start withdrawing troops in 18 months, and while 22 per cent say foreign troops should start to pull out sooner, 21 per cent say foreign troops should in fact stay longer, and 29 per cent (the most sensible cohort, in my view) say troop withdrawals should depend on the security situation at the time. More than 70 per cent of Afghans rate the performance of American and other NATO/ISAF troops as excellent, good or fair.
It is now time for our government to be clear about our commitment to help the Afghani people. It's time for a post-2011 Canadian strategy - one that will keep our promises to Afghanistan and not abandon them to the Taliban.

Fortunately for us, Terry Glavin is one reporter who has been tireless in his support the Afghans. We need more like him.


Blogger Patsplace said...

If the Liberals and NDP have anything to do with it, they'll bring the torturing, baby killing oppressors home to be tried by the "Fair" HRC's of the various provinces. Not that I have an opinion.

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