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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anti-semitic incidents in Canada in 2009

B'Nai Brith has published their annual report on anti-semitism in are some of the incidents of the year.


Toronto, ON – Chants at an anti-Israel street rally include “Jews are our dogs”, and “Jewish child, you’re gonna f***in’ die. Hamas is coming for you.”

Montreal, QC – A young man wearing a kippah is assaulted on a public street.

Toronto, ON – A 13-year-old student is assaulted by a group of students as they
shout references to Jews smelling like ashes[a reference to the concentration camp crematoria] and make the Heil Hitler salute.

Montreal, QC – Seniors in a Jewish residential building receive anonymous phone calls to their apartments, threatening that “1000 Jews will die”.

Calgary, AB – During an anti-Israel rally, Jews are compared to Nazis and a rabbi is subsequently spat on as he enters a nearby synagogue.

Vancouver, BC – Jewish students are chased and assaulted on campus.


Surrey, BC – A Jewish professor is sent an email from ‘Youth of Islam’ threatening, “I am Hitler 2009”.

Saint-Sauveur, QC – Jewish students on a Grade 6 ski trip are taunted with antisemitic slurs.

Toronto, ON – A business owner’s storefront is defaced, and he is sent a letter
threatening “to blow [the] heads off [the] Jewish congregation”.

Toronto, ON – Jewish students on campus fear for their own safety, as they are
swarmed by other students who shout antisemitic slurs and death threats.


Whistler, BC – White Power flyers are distributed denouncing the Chabad Jewish religious movement as a hate group.

Ottawa, ON – A blog containing ugly antisemitic content threatens a university’s Jewish Studies Centre: “We need to identify the Zionist Kikes and their handmaiden. Time to draw up list, time is soon.”

Woodstock, ON – Public sites are defaced with neo-Nazi hate symbols.

Winnipeg, MB – A Jewish boy playing junior hockey is called a “f***ing Jew” by an opposing team member.

Toronto, ON – A Jewish university student challenging a point at a debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is told to “Shut up or I’ll saw your head off”, and then dragged out of the room.


Toronto, ON – A playground is defaced with the words “Jew free zone”, “Jews not welcome” and Nazi symbols.

Montreal, QC – A visibly Jewish man is beaten up in a park.

Pickering, ON – A local elementary school is defaced with hate messaging, including “We hate Jews”, “I love Hitler” and “Die Jews”.

Thornhill, ON – Mezuzahs on Jewish homes are defaced during the Jewish religious holiday of Passover.

Labelle, QC – A sign at a Mexican restaurant reads “September 11 because of Jews”.


Grand River, ON – A hospital worker is told not to wear a Magen David (Jewish Star of David) to work.

Toronto, ON – A driver gestures to a father and two young children wearing kippahs in the next car, signaling that he wants to slit their throats.

Huntsville, ON – A manager at a resort tells a Jewish patron: “I know you’re Jewish. You have to lose your Jewish attitude.”

Toronto, ON – Emails are circulated in a workplace, blaming Jews for creating swine flu as a method of destroying the world.

Montreal, QC – A %yer depicting Jews as genocidal murderers is distributed throughout the Outremont area.

Masonville, QC – Vandals deface a park bench with the words "Jews sit here only", marking off half of it as a ‘Jew-free’ zone.


Toronto, ON – A British pop singer on tour in Canada assures her audience during a rant about a shopkeeper who was rude to her, “Don’t worry, he wasn’t Canadian, he was Jewish.”

Ottawa, ON – A high school student tells his classmates that Jews control the media and the government, and is neither corrected nor reprimanded by his teacher.

Hamilton, ON – A home is defaced with swastikas and the slurs “Jewishwelfarebums [sic]”, “burn” and “go back to homeland”.

Montreal, QC – A blog describes Chassidic Jews in Outremont as unwanted foreign invaders.

Victoria, BC – Jewish day school is property is defaced.


Thornhill, ON – Antisemitic slurs and threats are shouted at a community-based baseball game.

Regina, SK – Internet material is posted, charging that Jews “are NOT God’s Chosen People. They are in fact the most hate "filled, unforgiving people on the planet.”

Richmond Hill, ON – Swastikas and Hitler images are spray-painted onto playground equipment.

Thornhill, ON – A Jew receives a call to his cell phone in which the caller threatens “to slit Jewish throats”.

Calgary, AB – A professional is told his position is not being renewed since a “Canadian [is] preferred over a Jew”.

Ennismore, ON – A Jewish summer camp is targeted with antisemitic graffiti.


Toronto, ON – The apartment doors of three Jewish residents are defaced with “Hate Jewish swine”, and mezuzahs are ripped off.

Edmonton, AB – A Jewish day school is vandalized, with “F*** Jew Bitches” spraypainted on the playground equipment.

Winnipeg, MB – Garbage is thrown from a car at a visibly Jewish group of worshippers walking home from synagogue.

Thornhill, ON – A synagogue’s interior is defaced with antisemitic slurs.


Edmonton, AB – Eggs are thrown at the front door of a synagogue.

Guelph, ON – Antisemitic graffiti is daubed on the door of a university campus residence where Jewish students live.

Pointe-Claire, QC – A publicly-posted sign reads “9-11 was an inside job. Learn the truth about the Jews…”

Halifax, NS – A Jewish university professor is sent a letter with antisemitic slurs addressed to “Tribe of Judah” at his home address.

Montreal, QC – Four synagogues in the same area are vandalized and their windows smashed during the night of the 25th of September, just before the holiest day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur.


Toronto, ON – Online propaganda is found declaring “Kikes are the maggots of the human race! e sooner the kike plague is destroyed the better! It will be a GREAT day when the last kike vampire breathes it’s [sic] last foul breath and dies!”

Winnipeg, MB – A Facebook page for a school reunion complains that the school is letting “all those dirty Indians in the school… not to mention all those f***ing Jews and Negroes”.

Ottawa, ON – Jewish cemetery walls, signs and headstones are desecrated with praypainted swastikas and antisemitic slurs, including “F*** the Jews”.


Sainte Agathe, QC – A local synagogue is vandalized with swastikas.

Calgary, AB – Numerous sites including schools, community centres and synagogues are defaced with swastikas and racist messages such as “Six million more”.

Oshawa, ON – A synagogue in a small Jewish community is spray painted with a swastika.

Toronto, ON – Antisemitic remarks that call Jews murderers who are pushing Canada to war, are written on cards that are being sent to thank Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Barrie, ON – A swastika defaces the wall of a local synagogue.


Charlottetown, PEI – A private home with a Chanukah menorah in the window is vandalized.

Winnipeg, MB – An entry on an Internet forum by the founder of White Pride Warriors, a Winnipeg-based hate group, states that “Jews are "lthy creatures that will continue to bring the white race down. We must conquer those who oppose us and our views or we will be overrun by vermin.”

Vancouver, BC – A blood libel alleging organ theft by Israelis and Jews is circulated in an Islamic community newspaper.

Toronto, ON – A Jewish reporter is spat on while covering an anti-Israel rally.

Vancouver, BC – Jewish day school students are subjected to ongoing antisemitic slurs outside their school by students from other schools.


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