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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New weapons from Gaza - barrels with explosives...

Those inventive Gazans...what will they think of next???
Security source said Monday night that the explosives which drifted onto Israel's southern shoreline, and were later claimed by Palestinian groups, indicated their growing motivation to launch terror attacks against Israeli targets.

Early Monday evening, an explosive device was discovered floating just off Hofit beach in Ashkelon. Several hours later, a second device was found on Kshatot beach in Ashdod. According to the police, both explosive devices – weighing several dozen pounds each – were found hidden in barrels. They were similar in makeup and originated from Gaza Strip

The sources doubted the Palestinian groups' supposed intention to target strategic Israeli facilities at sea, but said that nevertheless, such a threat was seriously considered.

The failed attack, said a defense establishment source, followed the scheme of sending out several sea-mines, which are designed to float until a collision with a vessel triggers them. "Gaza's terror groups don't really have any actual (sea-mine) capability, but given arms smuggling through the Gaza tunnels, they can upgrade the threat," he added.

Earlier, a senior member in one of the Palestinian organizations confirmed that the two explosive devices found on beaches in southern Israel were meant to be used in a future terror attack on an oil rig in the south.


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