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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Canadian teen arrested for anti-semitic graffiti...

I don't like the hate-related charge....
An 18-year-old male was arrested over a slew of spray-painted anti-Semitic messages.

The suspect, who was arrested Thursday in Winnipeg, cannot be named under Canadian youth protection laws since he was 17 when the offenses occurred. Calgary police had issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for him on Wednesday.

The racist graffiti on mailboxes, signs at synagogues and a memorial for Holocaust survivors, which surfaced last November, included swastikas and the words "kill Jews" and "six million more."

The teen is facing charges of mischief to property, as well as hate-related charges of mischief to a place of religious worship and inciting public hatred.

Police believe the teen may have ties to local racist groups.
I'd like to know about these local racist groups....and who this teenager is...


Blogger Big Red Magnum said...

I'd like to know too, why protect them?
What effin country are we living in?
What happened to this country over the last 50 yrs to remake it into such an extremist and delusional society?
Oh right Liberal policies and an education system geared for social engineering and the promotion of social "justice", wealth redistribution instead of real law.
The Nanny state sucks and produces useless citizens with no moral underpinning, when we are not feeding them we are cleaning up after them, then by way of "punishment" we try to "rehabilitate" them of the lack of ethics and the misinformation they got from the education the effin socialist state educators gave them.
That's the problem with central planning or planned societies they never effin work and generations of people born into them are just lost, useless, so indoctrinated into the world owes me and it's someone else's fault I fail mentality they never amount to anything.
This is not the country I was born into.

2:33 PM  

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