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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Four Muslim Terrorists Jailed....

A horrible plot...
Four Muslim extremists who were planning 'bloodbaths' at U.S. targets in Germany that would have dwarfed the 7/7 London tube attacks have today been jailed.

Ringleader Fritz Gelowicz was sentenced to 12 years, his German accomplice Daniel Schneider - both converts to Islam - was given 11 years and two other men were jailed for five years for their roles in a plot to detonate explosives 100 times more powerful than those used in the 2005 London bombings.

The four men were known as the 'Sauerland cell', after the tourist region where they stockpiled massive amounts of chemicals for the bombs.

In a rare move, prosecutors allowed the men to plea-bargain their guilt in return for what they hoped would be shorter sentences.

Volker Brinkmann, prosecuting, said the gang 'had planned a mass murder unrivalled in Germany'.

He said: 'They acted out of blind hatred for American soldiers.

'It is terrible to think they enjoyed the concept of terror attacks that would have killed at least 150 soldiers as well as women and children.

'They appointed themselves masters over life and death.'

Gelowicz, Schneider and Turk Adem Yilmaz were captured in Sauerland in 2007 after stockpiling hydrogen peroxide, which can be used to make car bombs and other explosives.

Turkish-German Attila Selek was later arrested in Turkey where he was to acquire the detonators for the bombs. He was extradited to Germany in 2008.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

@G&R: if they were four of Mossad members trying to do same thing against Iranian targets in Beirut could you call them "Four Jewish Terrorists" i bet you will not do that.

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