My name is Fred and I am a gay conservative living in Ottawa. This blog supports limited government, the right of the State of Israel to live in peace and security, and tries to expose the threat to us all from cultural relativism, post-modernism, and radical Islam. I am also the founder of the Free Thinking Film Society in Ottawa (

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 62, Israel.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey gay pussy hater with a dick that likes to go where poo comes out

u dirty dirty mongoloid loving fagot right winged bitch who will ultimately become a slave to harper's fallacy of inebriation

i have a link id like to share with ur israel loving ass

its a jewish guys site

read the article and the discussion at the bottom

and maybe ur ignorant eyes will begin to see something u klan loving fagot... - btw the klan would probably burn u on the cross

diversify the way u think u narrow minded fagot

another it a hate crime to call u out for being gay? because clearly u and ur blogging queers call out Muslims all the time

fuck all u bitch niggers
hope a big cock rips ur anuses apart one day so everytime u sit on the toilet u think of me!

(ps, i really dont care about ur sexual desires, im very pro freedoms of religion and freedom and all about the diversity of society, but ur narrow minded shit needs to be punked cuz ur a bitch...FUCKING FAGOT...and all ur friends too, tell them the same thing, your right wing racist ways are stupid, canada would be a third world country if it werent for the diversity it has harnessed, without diversity it would never be able to get into the 21st century and transition itself into the new age... another thing is dawning on me...right wing bullshit wont get u anywhere, it keeps u in the same place - ull see things just slowly crumble around u....just the like u feel right now as u read my msg and that link

oh oh...
president bush 1(a smarter right wing character still a bitch tho, fucking oil hungry business loving people negating bitch) and 2 - what a fuck up
tony blair/gordon brown - no words describes em they have perpetuated the deterioration of all social infrastructure within a fine and once fiscally stable country
mike harris - no words, mcguintys no better tho
harper - 10 years bitches ull see

u know what ur fagot ass is? a christian fact i could possibly label ur blog as a christian radical terrorist organization that perpetuates threatening material to the eastern world

peace out candice the gay donkey riding bitch boy who has a tiny penis and really big balls ....

south park - that mohamed episode u think 2 billion people are angry about...hahahaha soo funny.... *buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta* hahaha thats prolly u with the wheelbarrow too walking the streets of the market - getting crack from a bum at the mission....u trailer park honkey piece of shit

2:27 PM  
Blogger Guest4096 said...

Wow , from what hole did you crawl from anonymous??
Not one rational argument , just filth and hate.
Fred , you must do something about the stench here.
I think you need to introduce some smell code or something.

12:00 PM  

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